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Your own streaming platform 
Comprehensive modular system, easily configurable, across channels

Do you have video content and need a system that can optimally display it across all platforms and playout channels? As a subscription, mobile, as a download, on a TV set - no problem.

Our white label system also offers you numerous options to accommodate individual needs and to then adjust the frontend yourself.
The combination of modern, responsive design, an innovative video player and scalable, fast hosting guarantee an optimal film experience.
We are constantly developing the frontend and adapt it to the latest developments, add new features and regularly carry out tests to check user satisfaction.

Tell us your requirements for your content.
We advise you, clearly and practically.

Currently more than 40 customers from festivals, cinemas, archives and film funds use our system.
For example:


  • Management and editorial processing of the videos including metadata management

  • App for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices as well as Smart TV (Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV)

  • Paid content through processing via payment providers

  • License management (TVOD, EST, SVOD, closed circuit) including licensor billing

  • DRM protection for videos possible 

    ... and many more features. We would gladly send you further information.


The cinema streaming network

Our white label solution is used by Cinemalovers, a cinema network of numerous municipal cinemas.

Supported by the association, the cinemas each operate their own VoD platform, which, in addition to their on-site programming, allows them to show more films online. The flexibility of our white label solution makes individual design possible.

3 streaming platforms of the cinema network:


Our festival partner

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